About Me


 Born and raised in Toronto, Millean has always been an advocate for the arts. After graduating from university with a B. Mus. and a B. Ed., she became an educator in the Toronto school system.

Millean discovered Pottery and Glass Fusing a number of years ago. Since retiring from education, Millean has been devoting her time to her passion - pottery and glass.

 Most of her pottery is handmade on the wheel. Slip and glaze colors used are usually earth colors. Designs for her pottery are either painted with slip or underglaze, or through sgraffito (carved) and/or relief work using shellac. Millean incorporates frit, pot melts, mica and stringers to create her glass pieces. Inspiration for her pottery and glass come from a variety of sources. Occasionally, she has been known to blend the two mediums.

Canadian Artist Series Episode 1 Millean Kung from Michael Belanger on Vimeo.